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Hayley Hanson Hide

100% British Hide

Complete the paperwork and book in, take a photo of the flat hide


Salt the hide

Take a photo of the hair side first, then salt the hide as soon as practically possible after it has been removed, with at least 6-8 kg of fine grain salt. Please do not use sea salt ot gritting salt.

Lay the hide out, ideally on pallets, somwhere cool, airy and dry, to salt. salt as evenly as possible, right to the edges.


Re salt the hide

After about 3 days, th salt will get very wet. remove and dispose of. Resalt with a further 6 - 8kgs of salt and leave for approx 10 - 14 days. Please call us if you think it does not look correct - 01874 754 211


Delivery wet

We need the hide when it is flexible enough to be folded into a box, but  as dry as possible.

If you are courier delivering the hide, scrape as much salt off as possible to make it as light as possible, most couriers will not take more than 30kgs, a salted wet hide will weigh more than this. Pack in a plastic box not cardboard, and send by garunteed 24 hour delivery as hides can "go off" in transit, do NOT send on a Friday in case they do not arrive until Monday.

All forms need to travel WITH the hide, and preferably printed photos, though these can be emailed to, ahead of time. As we live on a working farm, currently we are not allowed to accept unliscenced wet hides, therefore it is ESSENTIAL all hides are booked in. Any hides arriving by courier not pre booked will be turned away.


Tanning process

Tanning takes from 6 to 12 months, you will be notified when your hide is ready. Payment is due prior to delivery, by cleared cheque, cash on collection, BACS or paypal (additional fees apply)


Delivery home

Return delivery is included in the price




All hide and skins should be as clean as possible and free from muck. The end results depends on the quality of the hide, the skill of the skin removal, the breed, length and thickness of hair, season etc etc.  Long haired breeds and winter hair takes longer and is more difficult to flesh so will be more expensive. PLEASE NOTE all hides hould arive in a rigid plastic )or similar) box, we are on a working farm, delivey in a wool sheet/plastic sheet isnot acceptable and you will be directed to the nearest DIY shop to purchase a container